We have everything you need to improve your sales & service culture

ServiStar Consulting offers comprehensive & personalized consulting to Credit Unions based on years of experience and proven expertise in the field. Here’s why Top Credit Union Leaders love ServiStar, and you will too!

Our Sales & Service Culture Program is not a program in a box. Our team provides you with personalized consulting & customized systems to create a member-focused culture that will increase employee engagement, member satisfaction, and credit union profitability.


Our Management Development Program develops effective managers, which leads to more engaged and productive employees & maximizes your profitability. This program begins with a detailed assessment to ensure that we meet your unique needs.

Internal Service Survey

The service you provide your members depends on the quality of the service between your employees. Our Internal Service Survey equips you to measure, assess, and improve the internal service of your Credit Union, so that you can enhance member relationships & increase profitability..

What Separates Servistar Consulting?

We’re able to provide you with the highest quality services because we offer personalized consulting based on our expertise in the Credit Union industry. Our services are customized to fit your particular needs to allow for quick implementation & ensure lasting results.

Personalized Consulting

Most consulting agencies offer a pre-packaged system that doesn’t address unique needs of each client. From the start, our services are specifically designed for your particular Credit Union. Plus, we offer active support and project management to help you continue assessing & improving your member experience.

  • Unlimited Consulting Access
  • Fully Customized Systems
  • Project Management Services

Credit Union Expertise

Many consulting agencies use methods based on other business models and unsuccessfully apply them to Credit Unions. Our team is made up of real practitioners with years of experience in the Credit Union industry. We use a member-centric model that starts with the member’s need and results in a profitable relationship.

  • Member-centric model
  • Advanced coaching & leadership training
  • The newest training & tracking techniques

Ready to start transforming your Credit Union’s culture today?

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