We have everything you need to improve your sales & service culture

ServiStar Consulting offers comprehensive & personalized consulting to Credit Unions based on years of experience and proven expertise in the field. Here’s why Top Credit Union Leaders love ServiStar, and you will too!
Increase Employee Profitability

We provide systems, training, and consulting to help you equip each of your employees in every part of your Credit Union. From new employees to top leaders, we will help you create a highly effective team whose competitive advantage is outstanding Member Experience.

  • Leadership training & development
  • Sales & referral training
  • Internal & external service training
  • New employee orientation review & improvement recommendations


Refine Your Vision

In order to be a successful Credit Union, you & your team need a vision that keeps you focused on the ultimate goal: profitable relationships with your members & company growth. We help you refine your vision based on years of experience in the Credit Union industry.

  • Mission statement analysis and recommendations
  • Development of service promises & standards

Enhance & Implement Strategy

In addition to a clear vision, you have to know how to practically work toward your ultimate goal. That’s why we help you clearly define your strategy & coach your team to effectively implement it.

  • Goal setting for employees & company
  • Benchmarking of sales, referral and service performance
  • Annual users group meeting

Optimize Systems & Procedures

Efficient systems & procedures lead to highly effective and profitable companies. Our consulting services provide you with tools and expertise to develop systems that are specifically customized for your Credit Union.

  • New member on-boarding review & development
  • Incentive & recognition program development
  • Product Knowledge Certification Testing

Execute Your Projects Effectively

One of the most valuable facets of our services is that we continue to work with you as you execute the projects we’ve helped you plan. We work as an extension of your team so that your success is our success.

  • Unlimited consulting access
  • Project Management with a Client Relations Manager

Measure Your Results & Improve

We help you constantly move forward toward greater efficiency & profitability by offering customized measurement tools and systems. Measurement is the key to growth, and proper tools will allow you to always identify your areas for improvement.

  • Measurement systems for sales, referrals, internal service and member experience
  • New employee training timeline & review
  • Performance evaluation review and development

We have everything you need to develop highly effective leaders

Our Vertex Management Development Program equips you to train & develop leaders to increase your profit and grow your business. Here’s why Top Credit Union Leaders love our Vertex program, and you will too!
Develop effective leaders

The Vertex program includes an assessment of each participants’ strengths & identifies areas for improvement to develop a customized plan. This ensures that you are optimizing the efficiency of each of your leaders.

Increase employee engagement & profitability

Great leaders lead to engaged employees, which ultimately results in great Member Experience. When you invest in your leaders with our Vertex program, you are actually investing in each of your employees and your Credit Union as a whole.

Solve employee dissatisfaction & turnover

One of the greatest costs for a Credit Union is high employee turnover due to dissatisfaction, because training new employees is expensive. Well-trained & experienced leaders can create a more enjoyable work environment and boost company morale.

We have everything you need to create a cohesive & productive team

Our Internal Service Survey allows you to measure your Credit Union’s internal service at every touch point & equips you to make improvements for a more profitable team. 
Improve Internal Service

Outstanding internal service leads to greater productivity, increased employee engagement, and improved Member Experience. Our services will help you improve all facets of internal service, leading to productive communication, supportive etiquette, and efficient operations.

Identify Gaps & Measure Growth

Most organization struggle with how to assess internal service, and many third-party surveyors provide assessments that are too convoluted to coach from. Our years of experience & research allow us to accurately assess your team, offer coaching and tools for improvement, and measure your growth.

Consulting & Active Support

Our Internal Service Survey is not just a packaged system, but includes customized consulting and active support to meet your unique needs. Whatever service gaps your team may have, we will help you identify & solve them so that you can continue to grow your Credit Union.

Our Service Promises

  • We promise to be knowledgeable in all aspects of our work.
  • We promise to always be honest in every situation, even when it is uncomfortable.
  • We promise to provide you with more than you expect.
  • We promise to make working with us fun and to enjoy our journey together.
  • We promise to serve as your partner to help guide you to your desired outcome.
  • We promise to show our appreciation for the honor to serve you.

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